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Mud Creek Watershed

Where is Mud Creek?

The Mud Creek watershed is one of Indianapolis’ most spectacular and lesser known natural gems. Home to several rare and endangered species, a rich human history dating back to the Miami Indians, and a rolling topography rarely found in central Indiana.


Perhaps most importantly, the Mud Creek and Fall Creek watersheds sit atop one of the premier underground aquifer complexes in Marion County. Serving public wellfields, as well as hundreds of private wells, the Mud Creek watershed is currently a significant source of drinking water to the greater Indianapolis metropolitan area and will continue to impact the future of public water supply (Fleming, Indiana Geological Survey). Protecting the Mud Creek Valley extends beyond important habitat conservation concerns and into public welfare, with a shared motivation to protect its valuable water resources now and into the future.


Protection of this important aquifer includes the protection of the remaining natural areas and restoration of degraded sites that sit atop it and act as natural filters, necessary for clean water recharge. It’s hard to stress the importance of protecting this area better than these direct quotes from the 2005 Comprehensive Plan for Marion County:

Where is Mud Creek.png

..It is critical to protect Mud Creek as an environmentally sensitive natural area.”

“The Mud Creek area contains a small feeder, or tributary, aquifer to the Fall Creek

Aquifer, and thus will affect the future public water supply. The majority of the Mud Creek Critical Area is wooded, is susceptible to erosion with slopes greater than 10% and contains wetland areas...

—  Comprehensive Plan for Marion County (2005)

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