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Protected Lands

Our Easements

Since 1995, the Mud Creek Conservancy (MCC) has permanently protected 35 acres of natural habitat in the Mud Creek watershed. This was accomplished through donations of conservation easements or acquisition of parcels containing ecologically sensitive land with high conservation value. The majority of this acreage lies in or abuts the Mud Creek floodplain and serves to protect critical riparian habitat.

To date, easement and land donations have been the primary mechanism by which MCC has been able to protect land in the Mud Creek Valley. Concerned citizens living in the area have taken notice of the importance to forever preserve the aesthetic beauty, ecological services, and wildlife habitat provided by the valley and have worked with MCC to achieve that preservation.


If you find yourself asking what you can do to help achieve our mission of preserving the valley, we offer many ways to get involved. To learn more about our easements and the details of what they mean for land owners, visit our Protect Land page.  You can always reach out to us directly through our Contact Us form.

NOTE: MCC easements are located on private property and

trespassing is prohibited. Please contact MCC for any educational or site visit requests.


Mud Creek Spring

This conservation easement protects 2 acres that includes a spring-fed tributary to Mud Creek and a ravine containing unique biodiversity.

Ton Prairie.JPEG

Whitetail Meadow

This conservation easement protects approximately 6 acres of land that includes a one acre native prairie, a wooded riparian corridor along Mud Creek and an ephemeral pond benefiting native amphibians. 

Yellow FOrest.jpg

Lantern Rd. Conservation Corridor

Five Lantern Road neighbors collectively donated 5.2 acres of conservation easements, preserving a unique stretch of heavily wooded floodplain and riparian habitat in the Mud Creek watershed.

Barn Meadow Snow.jpg

Johnny Sargent Barn

This was the original conservation easement donated to the Conservancy in 1996. Once a part of the original Johnny Sargent farm and homestead, the easement now protects natural habitat and floodplain bordering Mud Creek and the heritage of the Mud Creek Valley.

Citizens Easement Ironweed and Tree Plan

Citizens Energy

This easement was donated by Indianapolis Water Co. in 2000 and lies adjacent to the north boundary of Fort Harrison State Park and south of Fall Creek Road. This easement has been the site for community tree plantings and bat and bird box installments by local scout troops and a recent mitigation project planting over 400 native trees on the property.

mud creek.jpg

Mud Creek Nature Preserve

This 7 acre parcel contains both unique biodiversity and interesting geology. It abuts the Johnny Sargent Easement, creating a linked wildlife corridor.

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