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In the Indianapolis area, it is unique to find such a wide range of flora as observed in the Mud Creek Valley.  The diversity of habitats and micro-habitats present, such as bottomland hardwood forests, wetlands, steep ravines cut by spring fed tributaries, rolling forested hills, and fertile forest floors, allow the valley to foster the growth of an amazing diversity of native tree, plant and wildflower species.

Many of the native plant species found in the Valley have persisted in our natural areas for thousands of years.  While  still home to a number of rare plants, many more sensitive species have certainly been lost to land conversion, development, contamination and the spread of invasive plants and pests over time. Our remaining native plant populations are facing the same threats today, perhaps more frequently and to a greater degree than ever before. By protecting, preserving, and restoring the natural areas of the Mud Creek Valley, we allow these plants as well as the insect and wildlife species that have evolved to depend on them, an opportunity to flourish and recover. 


We view the health and welfare of these species as a key outcome of our land trust's work.

Below is just a sampling of the beautiful native plants and wildflowers that have been photographed and observed in the Mud Creek Valley.

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