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Join the 

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Experience our preserved habitats responsibly with your pup

How to Join

Make the CCC Pledge. 

  • CCC Members pledge to honor 3 simple rules to ensure owner/dog/wildlife can co-exist to limit conflict and ecological impact. 

  • You will take the pledge at the registration page but you can learn more about it below!

Register for your CCC Membership

  • Each dog visiting our preserves will require a membership ($20/dog/year). 

  • All dogs can be included on a single registration here. 

Why join?

  • Dogs are not permitted at Mud Creek Conservancy properties without a CCC membership!

  • Join a community of conservation-minded dog lovers in our area. 

  • Members will receive a fun CCC dog tag/leash medallion. 

  • Other CCC swag may be available to CCC members at a discounted price.

  • Be a part of a pilot program that could be replicated in other areas across the region that do not allow dogs at all. 

How are CCC Fees Used?​​

  • The majority of fees will go into MCC's habitat stewardship fund.  Even with the proper rules in place and adherence to them, having dogs on-site comes with ecological impacts. CCC funds will help us mitigate those impacts (traces of urine, feces, wildlife impacts, etc) by restoring native habitat on site to provide shelter for wildlife and improved water quality protection.

  • CCC fees will cover some membership events/perks/swag.



I will leash and control my dog

There's nothing greater than seeing a smiling dog, run free on the countryside or in your backyard. Unfortunately, our preserves aren't the place for that and we require all dogs be leashed (6 ft max length). First and foremost, to protect our wildlife, like ground nesting birds and sensitive native plants we provide critical habitat for. We ask all trail users to stay on the trail for this reason. We also don't want your pup to pick up ticks in tall grass, end up crossing a busy street, in a neighbor's yard or making other trail users uncomfortable. 


I will pick-up and pack-out my dog's waste

As the popular children's book says, "Everyone Poops." Deer, mice, coyotes, rabbit, turtles, hawks, snakes, and even caterpillars. That's already a lot of poo so we only ask you to pick up after your dog. Dog poop left to "naturally" degrade has been shown to increase e-coli levels in our waterways and spread parasites to our native wildlife. Not to mention the unpleasant experience it provides to other trail users.


I will not allow my dog to harass wildlife or other trail users

We all love our dogs and know they are the best boys/girls. However, our native wildlife will always perceive them as a threat. Limiting interactions with wildlife ensures our preserved lands maintain their maximum benefit to the critters that call it home. And while you love your dog and we might even love your dog, many trail users may not be comfortable around any dogs. We ask you to respect that reality and limit unsolicited dog/trail user interactions.

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