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82nd St and Sargent Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46256


SRNP_Road Map_Wt Sq.png

Property Size

At 25 acres, this site provides a rare opportunity to preserve one of the larger, undeveloped natural areas remaining in our community.  This acreage also presents a unique opportunity for a nature park and loop trail to serve our residents.

Habitat Protection

This property contains a remarkably diverse array of habitat types. Old growth bottomland forest, wetlands, young forest and open meadows. This presents an amazing opportunity for both habitat conservation and environmental education.


Despite the vast amounts of “green” and “space” in the area, there is a lack of public "greenspace” in this corner of northeast Indianapolis. An 8 square mile area bound by I-69, Fall Creek and 96th Street is home to over 13,000 residents and 0 public parks or greenspace. This opportunity is conveniently central to this area and will help fill a public need.

Infrastructure and Accessibility

Recent upgrades to 82nd Street including road widening and sidewalks, make this park highly visible and accessible. The new sidewalks on 82nd Street, some of the only in this area, will allow foot access to thousands of residents. Installation of a parking area will also provide access for unconnected residents.

Opportunity and Urgency

Thousands of residents and commuters frequently pass by this property and have likely noticed that this property has been FOR SALE the past few years. Many of those community members have voiced their concern for development at this site and their desire for this property to remain in its natural state, continuing to provide our neighborhood its natural charm. We now have that opportunity. In agreement with the seller, Mud Creek Conservancy has negotiated 2 years to rally the community and raise the necessary funds to preserve this property forever.

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