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About Us

The Mud Creek watershed is one of Indianapolis's most spectacular natural gems. Home to several rare and endangered species, a rich history dating back to the Miami Indians, and a rolling topography rarely found in central Indiana, the properties protected by the Mud Creek Conservancy also site atop one of the largest aquifers providing drinking water to the greater Indianapolis metropolitan area.

The natural lands held in trust by the Mud Creek Conservancy for future generations will preserve the unique biodiversity and rich history of the Mud Creek Valley. Visitors and residents alike will continue to enjoy the  scenic beauty of the watershed, and a broad range of  plant and animal species will find suitable habitat on our protected properties. Additionally, the importance of Mud Creek's protected aquifer will increase as Indianapolis continues to grow in  size and population, stressing existing sources of clean drinking water.

Our Mission

The Mud Creek Conservancy (MCC), a non-profit land trust, is dedicated to conserving, restoring, and protecting natural  areas  in the Mud Creek Watershed, located in Marion, Hamilton and Madison Counties in Indiana through land protection initiatives, community outreach and environmental education.


MCC works collaboratively with concerned citizens, landowners, community and school groups, governmental affiliates, and businesses to forever preserve the aesthetic beauty, ecological services, and wildlife habitat in the Mud Creek Valley. 


In addition to protecting an important aquifer vital to Indianapolis water supply, MCC protected easements serve as habitat for a broad range of plant and animal species. Enhancing the water quality of Mud Creek, a tributary of Fall Creek and ultimately the White River in Indianapolis, will provide wide ranging benefits to the wildlife and residents of central Indiana.

  • MCC is a proud supporting member of Indiana Land Protection Alliance (ILPA). ILPA is a vibrant nonpartisan network of land trusts, conservation partners and community members. Our alliance champions land and water protection for all of Indiana.

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