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Natural Beauty for Everyone.

82nd Street and Sargent Road. You've probably driven past it. Maybe that's how you found this page. On the northeast side of Indianapolis, much of our land has been developed for residential and commercial use. This 25 acre parcel represents an opportunity to protect a rare, undeveloped, high quality, urban natural area. In agreement with the sellers, MCC has 2 years to fundraise for the purchase and preservation of this property. We believe now is the time to forever preserve this beautiful piece of Indianapolis.

This property and the greater Mud Creek Valley provide a haven for plant and wildlife diversity and cleaner air and water to a city stressed by urban sprawl.The impressive plant and animal diversity present is a reflection of the natural habitats on which they rely. Protecting their habitat will keep Indy wild for future generations.

Our vision is to permanently preserve these special 25 acres and create a nature park that will provide community wide benefits for generations to come. Sargent Road Nature Park will provide access to low-impact loop trails for outdoor recreation like walking, jogging and bird-watching and maintain the unique natural character of the Mud Creek Valley. 

We can't do it without you! Learn more about how you can support our vision for Sargent Road Nature Park. We hope you will consider supporting this project to protect natural areas, improve our community, and leave a lasting impact on our city.

Thank you to all of our dedicated supporters! This project cannot succeed without the incredible generosity and shared vision of our Sargent Road Nature Park partners.

Not on the list? We'd love to talk to you or someone in your organization about supporting this important initiative. Please contact us!


Our business sponsors are investing in the community through financial support or donations of best-in-class services to our Sargent Road Nature Park campaign. We are grateful for the support of these Indianapolis area businesses and hope you will consider choosing them for your next project.

We are thankful for the covergage we've received to help spread our message. We would love to work with you on a story about our efforts to preserve nature in Indianapolis. Please contact us!


We are proud and excited to have joined forces with Local Girl Scout Troop #2715. Driven by their shared interest and passion for seeing this special natural area preserved and Sargent Road Nature Park (SRNP) created, Troop #2715 has chosen to focus their Silver Award efforts on making it happen.

Meet our Ambassadors and learn more!