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Spring Ephemeral Wildflowers: April 7th, 3:30 PM @ MCC Easements


Join us as we take a guided tour of several Mud Creek Conservancy Conservation Easements and Private Woodlands in search of spring ephemerals. We will observe, photograph and learn about these beautiful native wildflowers and their pollinator relationships. We will also learn about invasive species that threaten their existence and how we can restore and enhance our woodland habitats. 

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Spring Migration Birding @ Sargent Road Nature Park


Whether you are an avid bird-watcher, photographer or simply looking to learn and experience nature in a new way, you don't want to miss this opportunity! We will guide participants through a variety of habitats along the 1.5 mile trail, observing and learning about the amazing bird diversity at this special urban sanctuary.

Date TBD

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Mud Creek Conservancy-Earth Day Celebration


Saturday, April 20th, 1-8 PM


Wear your Mud Creek Conservancy and Sargent Road Nature Park apparel if you have any or stop by our booth and we'll get you outfitted!

More info coming soon!

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