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Preserve the Character of the Mud Creek Valley

Dedicated residents have worked for decades to preserve the natural beauty and identity of the Valley. However, this area has certainly experienced its fair share of change. The few large natural areas that remain are under greater threat of development each year and must be protected. It's not too late but we can't wait.

Create a Community Nature Park

Community benefits of natural areas go beyond wildlife habitat, clean air and clean water. Medical studies demonstrate that access to nature encourages healthful recreation, is critical to early childhood learning, and can even improve mental well being. Connecting people of all ages to the natural world can also foster a new respect of our natural areas and expand support for their preservation. Our vision to create a nature park and preserve natural areas in our neighborhood will provide community wide benefits for generations to come.

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Low-Impact Nature Trails, Environmental Education and Habitat Preservation

The concept for Sargent Road Nature Park is simple. Preserve a rare undeveloped greenspace, protect and enhance critical natural habitats, provide access to nature trails and educational displays to benefit the community. Improvements such as parking, trails, rest areas, minimal infastructure and educational displays will focus on low-impact yet artful and effective design. Access will be restricted to marked nature trails to allow the preservation and enhancement of habitat while also respecting the privacy of our neighbors.

2020-08-24 Sargent Road NP - Updated Pla

*This map represents a general concept, not an official design.

Conceptual Imagery

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